This month follows up on the last presentations on Natural Language Processing (NLP) a few months back is an introductory practical session on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

First up, David Pugh takes us through the core concepts including basic theory of NLP pipelines that clean and process text before moving on to more complex tasks like topic analysis. The session features a mixture of information and code in Jupyter Notebooks using modern packages in Python – with a local twist! The code will is in a shared document so you can get stuck in at home after the session.

Toby White gives a talk on how his business built a Twitter bot in a day.

Open to floor for Lightning Talks (5 to 15 minutes).

Yolk Recruitment are kindly sponsoring the food* and drink, Tramshed Tech are graciously providing the venue, and our thanks to Toby’s company ARTIMUS for their general sponsorship of the group.