We are pleased to finally announce:

Our new Creative Edit Suite is available for hire!

The suite is fitted with a high-spec iMac Pro system complete with Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro X & Motion, Ableton Live Suite software as well as an pro drawing tablet. The room comes fully air-conditioned, dimmable lighting and sound proofing to reduce the minimise external noise. Perfect for your creative projects whether you are a film-maker who need a space to edit 4K movies, a content producer who needing a space to record a podcast or a 3D designer who needs a powerful machine to power through all your timeline/motion renders.


Access to this space is available as part of our CREATIVE membership option (£100/month), which gives you two half days every month for free and a further 20% discount thereafter.

You can hire out as little as a half day for £60.

Full days are available for £120.

A full week get a hefty discount for £500.