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What's happened?!

Crypto Meetup

Dec 06 6:30pm

Are you interested in The Lightning Network? Join us to find out all about The Lightning Network -…

Big Ideas Wales

Dec 04 6:30pm

An informative workshop designed to help potential entrepreneurs understand how to develop their business idea. This step by…

Sinfonia Cymru #AlgoRhythms

Dec 01 8:00pm

Percussion and cello music explores the effects of social media, technology, data sharing and censorship on society. Curated…


Nov 22 6:00pm

In this interactive workshop the Nexus framework will be introduced through building something. Using the learning from the…

Cardiff Go

Nov 01 6:00pm

Meetup: Cardiff Go Agenda: 6.00pm - 6:30pm: Beer & Pizza 6:30pm - 7:00pm: What I've Learned from Go…

A.I. Wales

Nov 01 6:00pm

This month is an introductory practical session on Natural Language Processing (NLP), to follow-up on the presentations a…